the avenues

these winding, twisting avenues they lead me in so many directions but every avenue leads back to you a jumbled mess of lefts and rights of going round and round in circles of endless days and sleepless nights lord knows I should tire be weary, exhausted, unable to go on but my heart leads me…

entry #25

dear depression diary, it’s been far too long, I’ve missed you! the last couple of months have been full of so many blessings! honestly, I need 2022 to keep its shit together and continue doing everything it is doing. there’s so much I’ve wanted to share but knew it was best to wait until things…

unicorns & women alike

the misconception that unicorns are soft despite their brazen form and horn of destruction they are always viewed as the type weak in mind and heart on the other hand the dinosaur, ever fierce that roars and dominates the land it roams freely, unbothered for society has built it up and put it on a…

I love you

I love you are not words you use often so when you utter them half awake or in a drunken state they hold so much weight

tye dye

your spirit was as colorful as your tye-dye t-shirts a week’s worth hanging on the rack of your closet and I loved when you shared them with me greens and reds mixed with blues and yellows somehow you embodied them all those beautiful colors of tye dye those beautiful colors of you


*TRIGGER WARNING: content discusses suicide*

afterschool special

I had never been a hotter commodity on myspace ‘I’m sorry for your loss’ and ‘I’m here if you need me’ messages filled the screen when I logged into myspace that day after school. so many people that had said less than a few words to me in the six months I’d been there now…