more than.

28 years young and still full of life. it started early and she was blessed with the most amazing two little humans. now everyone sees the mother. the mom who works and cooks and cleans, gives all her time and does it without complaint. she is alone, but she makes it work. they forgot about the woman who forgot herself. they don’t see that she has forgotten she is important, not only to the little humans, but also to herself. they judge and dictate while she navigates the winding roads. she doesn’t ask for much, all she wants is to expand her happiness. they act as though its crazy for her to seek love on her level, as if she is undeserving because of the little humans.

but she is worthy. worthy of companionship just like them. worthy of second chances just like them. love was not nice to her before but that does not mean she shouldn’t try again. she is more than just a mother of two little humans.

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  1. Gottfried says:

    You’re up 😌


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