man oh man. these last few weeks have been the most topsy of turvy weeks I’ve had in a long time. anyone else feeling overwhelmed with life as the end of the year closes in? my first semester back in college is coming to a close, assignments are piling up, work has hit turbo speed because of the holidays and home life is getting crazier by the second. I AM BARELY HOLDING ON. last week, my depression kicked into high gear and i just hyperventilated and cried for hours. anyone else experiencing heightened depression, anxiety, etc?? I am lucky though; I have people to turn to. people that know my situation and talk me through it. people who remind me I’m not alone. people who help me juggle. as overwhelmed as most of my days have felt lately, the person I am today has a much better support system than the person I was less than two years ago. for those of you who don’t have that – I’m here. shoot me a message. tweet me. dm me. everyone needs someone, doing life alone isn’t healthy or ideal. even it’s not me, call a hotline, join an anonymous group – just don’t hold it all in. we are all juggling, doesn’t mean we have to juggle alone.

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