heart and soul

the heart is constantly protecting the soul. absorbing every ounce of pain and enduring it all; no hesitation. breakups, bereavement, failure, setbacks – it’s the heart that picks us back up and keeps us going.

but what happens when the heart grows tired? when it becomes weary? when it can no longer bear the weight of the pain we expect it to constantly endure? … the soul is left unprotected.

it hits different when the soul hurts. with your heart, you know you will find a way back from whatever put you down. when the soul cries, it is a crushing feeling. it leaves you breathless in the worst way. the soul is crippled, and that feeling resonates throughout your entire being. it leaves you helpless, when the soul weeps.

but thanks to the heart, the soul is just as strong; maybe stronger. while the heart was busy protecting the soul, the soul was busy training – building the strength to endure anything the heart could not. to allow the heart to heal, to rebuild and to come back stronger than the time before.

heart and soul; no matter what .. they always bring us back.

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