hey blackbird, won’t you sing your song? beautiful melodies that I can sing along to

hey blackbird, stirring up my soul. won’t you stay awhile, I want to get to know you

Your rises, your falls – when you’re feeling small, what gives you the strength to go on? when you spread your wings, tell me all of the things, that give you a reason to fly

dear blackbird, I have my own tune. one that’s full of emotion I’m struggling to get through

dear blackbird, I’m trying to hold on. to see the beauty that comes with the calm after the storm

I’ll watch you take flight, follow you to the light that you find when you rise from the dark

I have faith we will mend, put together again, the pieces of broken heart

one will spend a lifetime seeking love so divine, to behold such a sweet rarity

I’ll never be the same, now my heart’s set aflame. when my blackbird came ..

that divine love ignited in me

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