entry #4

dear depression diary,

my healing is evident, and that makes me happy.

a couple weeks back, I was in a car accident due to this stupid ass snow (don’t worry, I’m fine, just snapped the axle on my car). today I called to check on the status of the repairs and was informed they hadn’t started fixing the car because they were waiting to hear from my insurance company. at first, I was slightly irritated because they’ve had my car for a week and neglected to reach out. but then she tells me, “right now, the repairs are looking at 7,692 dollars .. and that’s only the things we can see before inspection”

y’all, I LAUGHED.

she says, “you’re taking this better than I would”. so I explained to her that I paid half that money for the car itself and there was no way I was paying to repair it. a few minutes later, I was on the phone with sales and will be driving a new car off the lot on Wednesday.

here’s the thing, if this were me a mere three years ago I would have probably cried and stressed myself out and completely lost. I would have succumbed to that sadness and fallen into a dark place. I am so much more optimistic now, and I’m proud of my growth. some days I still struggle, but I have learned that misfortunes are not end alls – you can overcome.

lesson for today: sometimes, you just have to laugh it off. with a clear and happy mind, solutions are easily attainable.

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