entry #5

dear depression diary,

yesterday was a challenge.

thanks to COVID-19, I am no longer making the same money I was last year, so I was unable to get approved for a car. it was a sucky situation that had me feeling a little down because I was really excited to get something a little bigger for my growing little humans. not only that, I haven’t had a vehicle for a couple of weeks so I’ve been spending extra money to get back and forth.

there is good news though.

I was able to find something that I can buy cash, and ironically is the exact same car I had before, just one year older. For now I’ll put away the rest of the money I had set aside and continue to save over the next year to get something bigger for me and the little humans.

lesson of the day: try to see the bright side. even when it feels like the world is against you, believe that there are better days coming. nothing good OR BAD lasts forever.

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