there are people that come into our lives for a moment. to teach us a lesson or to show us what we do/ (but most oftentimes) do not need to continue on our journey of growth.

and then there are those friendships that are timeless.

to say that I love her is an understatement. she puts her whole heart into people, even when they don’t deserve it. sometimes, I don’t even think I do. I can’t say that there haven’t been times when I was unfair to her, and I will always continue doing what I have to do to make up for those slights. but one thing I can say about her and I is that when we need one another, we are always there.

life for her hasn’t been easy. there were people who plotted her failure and found joy in her misfortunes. every time she takes a few steps forward, life finds a way of knocking her back again. but she doesn’t let that stop her. sure, there are times when she gets discouraged and contemplates giving up, but when it comes down to it — she is resilient. and that trait alone makes her admirable.

she loves my children like her own, and that says a lot, because she was never the mother-type. for that reason alone, I am proud of her. when she got pregnant with my godchild, I was scared she wouldn’t keep him. but who was I to tell her what to do with her body, it was her choice. the day she gave birth to him, I couldn’t have been happier. not because of the choice she made, but because I knew despite everything, she would raise an amazing little human. she hasn’t let me down yet. he is smart and kind and loves just as hard as she does. he calls my children his brother and sister and enjoys their company. and she has grown so much in the process, she amazes me more often than not.

I don’t know if there is anyone else I’d rather go through my motherhood journey with. she just gets me. when my kids drive me insane and just prove to be little assholes, she gets it. when they overcome an obstacle and I am the first person they want to share the news with, she gets it. when our kids attitudes are worse than our own, we talk and conclude that they are exactly like us. and honestly, I wouldn’t change anything about that dynamic.

over the last five years, we have irritated one another beyond words, held each other in our weakest moments, found the words to stand up to the bullies that made the other feel small and combined our strength to keep us both going.

at one point, she could’ve become a momentary person. but we found our way back to each other and haven’t strayed since. she is forever. she is everlasting. she is …


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  1. Anisa Saleh says:

    Whenever I feel like life is truly winning over me, this is what I come back to. Every time.

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    1. I will literally always love you, we are forever ♥


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