letter to a & a.

little humans who I love, so dear
I’d do anything to have you near
my heart breaks when I go away
if I could, with you, I’d always stay

little humans, who drive me totally insane
I would never change you, I love you just this way
you challenge, teach me, make me better
you are amazing apart, but spectacular together

little humans, with minds that run free and wild
please keep that free spirit, I beg you child
keep creating and inventing things anew
I will always be here rooting for you

little humans, who make me yell and scream
I know in those moments it may seem
that I am mean,
and loud and unruly, it’s true
but it’s because I only want what is best for you

little humans, your potential should know no bounds
so I will help you break those barriers down
you are unique, you are special, you are one of kind
thank heavens I get to call you, mine.

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