dear depression diary,

the last few weeks have been both satisfying and heartbreaking (stay tuned for the three-part hiatus post coming soon!), and I can’t lie – I was starting to get really off track with school. I was ready to withdraw from my classes and try again next semester because the pressure to make time after everything that has happened just felt impossible.

but fate has a funny way of putting things back in perspective.

the little humans and I were out making deliveries today; we’re having a good time singing songs and whatnot as we make our way to the drop off address. and as I get off the exit I notice the sign says UMBC .. y’all! my first delivery took me straight to the college I plan on attending when I’m done with my associate’s degree. the right words just do not exist to accurately describe how COMPLETE I felt in that moment. it was like the universe felt my struggle and guided me back to the path I’m supposed to be on. as I listened to my little humans singing in the backseat, hearing their joy, feeling the happiness that just seeps out of them – I remembered who I’m doing this for.

of course, I’m doing it for myself. the written word will always be my first love, and I can’t wait to start my career as a journalist/writer. but ultimately, this is all for them. to provide for them and give them the life I always dreamed they would have.

as I’m driving through the campus, I notice they have preschool for students with children, so their kids are close by learning while they’re learning. family housing!! and even though I’m happy where I am not, it was so reassuring to know that I have options. it was a reminder that even when I feel defeated, there is always a way to overcome.

so here I am, writing this post before I get back on my grind.

lesson of the day: the road may be bumpy at times, but life always has a way of taking you exactly where you’re meant to be. goodnight xoxo

2 responses to “entry #15”

  1. Erin Westphal Avatar

    Go you! My mom started college when I was eight, and watching her work so very hard thought me how to work hard in school to achieve my dreams. Your children are growing in ways you can’t imagine.

    She was lucky, though, that my dad not only paid the tuition bills, but cooked dinners, drove us around, and generally allowed her to make school a priority. You are doing it all—and blogging—so you are my superhero. I look forward to seeing that Associate’s degree in hand!

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    1. eclecticallylyn Avatar

      do you mind if I share this on my socials?? I cannot express how much this means to me! thank you so much for your words of support and encouragement, you literally just made my day!


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