playlist to my love life

admittedly, this one goes at the top of the list because my SO and I have a mutual love for miss lauryn hill ❤ thanks to our cultured mamas and being born in the best decade for hip hop music – 90s babies where you at??- we grew up on soulful music like this. no matter where we are: kitchen, car or brushing our teeth together in the morning, this is one we always turn the volume up on! being from two different backgrounds – him, Puerto Rican/Brazilian and me, Black – it is an added bonus that our love of her music is another item on our ever growing list of mutual interests

lovestoned/I think she knows – justin timberlake

anyone familiar with the netflix series on my block (if you’re not, do yourself a favor and check it out) remembers the pivotal moment this song plays at the quincenera. a celebration of people finding themselves and surrounding themselves with people who want to be there for the journey. that is the feeling I get everytime I hear this song, the warmth that bring into your life, even for a moment, is irreplaceable. we should live in them and enjoy every single moment we have them. isn’t that what love is? the continuation of warmth – we’re all just waiting on the warmth.

coloring – kevin garrett

“you know the game and how it goes, we trynna get chose

dating can be vicious cycle and more often than not we go through multiple relationships before finding true happiness. there is no better feeling than knowing someone has chosen you and continues to chose you. if my husband won’t walk into our wedding reception to this song, I don’t want him.

also, can we talk about this collab of artists? some of hip-hop’s greatest in one song!

olive and an arrow – nick jonas and the administration

summertime magic is just that… magic! childish gambino is an artist that puts every piece of himself into his music. everything he does is a reflection of himself, and it’s a quality that we see fade so often in artists as they become more well known- his authenticity is amazing. what I admire most about this song is that it exudes black excellence and the celebration of our culture and pride. it is the ultimate declaration of love, sensual healing, and every time this song plays I find myself dancing and smiling from ear to ear.

hold on, we’re going home – drake

if there is one song that perfectly describes my love live, it is this gem by maggie rogers. it is the most beautiful attack on me in relationships. I go from hopeless romantic to ‘who sent you’ in a heartbeat and exhibit self sabotage-y behaviors when I get scared the other person is preparing to run away. it is hard for me to accept that some people have the capacity to be good for and with me. as much as I crave love, I tend to run away from it because I’d rather be the person running than the person being ran away from. once I decided to confront those fears and open myself up to someone wholly and fully, I experienced – and am still experiencing – the greatest love I’ve ever received. it’s not perfect, but it is raw and genuine in its best and worst moments and that it what makes it the greatest.

#thatmomentwhen you write a tweet about an artist’s song being featured in your blog post and said likes it!!

with me- dvsn


can’t take my eyes off of you (I love you baby) – lauryn hill

to say I love this song is a drastic understatement. people who know me will tell you that I could write a dissertation on this song if I needed to. broken into song and interlude, it’s a beautiful song from beginning to end. explaining this song without multiple paragraphs will be one of the hardest things I’ll ever do, so I’ll simply say this: this song perfectly embodies the transition from being ‘eye candy’ to seeing potential in someone. the lyrics, the music, the live instruments all come together beautifully to tell the story of a series of moments between lust and a want for something deeper.

waiting on the warmth – mormor

fun fact: coloring has been my top played song on Spotify for two years back to back. another fun fact: he liked one of my tweets about him and I swear I can die happy and fulfilled! moving on; this song has gotten me the best and worst of my relationships over the last two years. to this day, as much as my SO hates it, he will let me turn it up until the speakers shake and sing my little heart out. it’s a song I post often on my socials and people always think I’m having trouble in my love life. there was a time when that assumption would have been true, but lately, I’ve been so happy I sing it not with the emotion of missing someone but the security that I don’t feel that feeling anymore.

int’l players anthem (I choose you)- UGK

nick jonas has been capturing the hearts of 90s babies for over a decade and, although he is a vital part of the jonas brothers, he created masterpieces when he went solo. olive and an arrow always makes me think about what it’s like to be in my life in any and all capacities. admittedly, I push people away, challenge people’s loyalty and have a habit of getting out and hurting people before they get the chance to hurt me. nick jonas tells the story of loving a work in progress. even as I grow and learn, this song will always be an important reminder of where I once was and how far I’ve come.

summertime magic – childish gambino

I think we all want someone to fall as hard for us as Drake seems to have fallen in this hit 2013 hit. it’s easy to say we only have eyes for our partner and couldn’t imagine life without him – it’s completely different to genuinely feel it. my SO and I took a break in a relationship and during that time I had the opportunity to see other people. when it came down to it, I just kept thinking that everyone was inferior to him; it was impossible to follow through. after dating off and on for 12 years, I have finally found someone who supports me, challenges me, builds me up, affirms me and so much more. if we ever go our separate ways, I don’t think there will ever be another like him. he checks all of my boxes and made me realize there were other boxes I needed to add. it’s like drake said “I can’t over you, you left your mark on me

say it – maggie rogers

“but the truth of it all is more profound”

– dvsn

dvsn knew what they were doing when they made this song. music serves many purposes: comfort, elevation, inspiration, etc. for me, with me is 100% for setting the mood. my SO knows exactly what it means when I play this song – especially after a home cooked meal and a couple glasses of wine. I love assertiveness in a man: tell me what you want and how you want it. having this song playing in the background just heightens my desire for my SO. aside from that, the transition between the first and second half of this song is audibly alluring.

have you ever thought about what the playlist to your love life would sound like? drop your answers in the comments!

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