welcome to our first installment of writer’s block.

Ell confronts and embraces the lingering feeling I believe many of us experience after loss in this excerpt from her piece, the energy.

just as her father was the driving force for this emotional take on grief and coping, he also played a huge part in who she is as a writer today. at the young age of 10, he saw something brilliant in her vivid imagination and active brain, and encouraged her to turn those thoughts into words. with his help, she discovered her passion for writing. despite how difficult it has been coping with his loss alongside other obstacles in her personal life, Ell continues to pay homage not only to her father, but to the loved ones who support and keep her going every single day.

the energy

"I can feel someone behind me, feel their hand on my shoulder

No, just breathe you know there is nothing there

Just a feeling of not being alone, of being afraid of the unknown

But what is that smell? Like pipe tobacco or cigarettes mixed together

There are two energies I feel, this seems all so wrong, it is so unsettling"

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Christopher Santos is an up and coming writer preparing for the release of his debut comic, Hyros. the first installment will be a prologue to the scifi action adventure revolved around a group of orphans traversing the universe and battling grand forces of evil. as far back as he can remember, the art and the words of comic books stirred his creative spirit and that flame still burns bright in his 30 year old soul. realizing that inspiration comes in all shapes and forms, when he’s not writing, Christopher finds shelter behind the camera. while working on the Ohio River for the summer, he’s taking the time to capture all the beauty the nature around him has to offer – all from the camera on his phone!

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one thing that COVID inspired many of us to do is focus on our mental health. we found power and strength in ourselves, and learned that the love we need most is that of the self.

from the moment I read the first line of this poem, I was hooked. as I continued on, there was an undeniable connection between her story and my own. her words were bold and unashamed; giving an overwhelming feeling of pride to be exactly who she is. the sense of confidence we all want, no matter where we are in our journey. 
without further adieu, Jane Daisy Kizza.


"Naw –
I didn’t confront my dark
Just to decorate it with glitter
And things that are pretty.
I didn’t fight to find my healing
Just to run from my facts
And the force of my feeling."

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