welcome back to week two of the writer’s block!

in today’s society, more than ever, it is important to elevate and amplify the voices of women around the world. while strides have been made to give women the platform to shed light on issues that directly affect us, it seems for naught in comparison to other changes being made – especially with women of color.

“… written with such a deep mastery that drives the stories home chapter by chapter with the single minded force of a hammer slamming into a nail”

British-Nigerian award winning author and columnist, Tracey Fletcher, uplifts the voices of seven women in her collection of short stories: feminine shades. the most fascinating thing about her book is it’s origin story. before these seven women told their stories of empowerment, self worth, mental health, and resilience – there were only two. two women with two stories being individually submitted for writing contests; the outcome was more than Fletcher could have ever imagined. while all the stories take place in Lagos, Nigeria, women across the world can relate to the hardships and insensitivities they face. more than that, the men who read these stories will recognize the women in their lives reflected in these stories.

feminine shades can be found online and in stores, grab your copy on the links below and get connected here:

Barnes and Noble | Books-a-Million | Amazon/Kindle | OkadaBooks | traceyfletcher.com

the connection between mother and daughter is both beautiful and fragile. as a daughter and a mother, I can say from experience that the expectation versus the reality is not in our favor in most cases. we all want to believe our relationships with our mothers and daughters will be easy, but the reality is that there will be ups and downs – we will not always be bff’s. the honesty and love in her words is exactly what makes Gayatri Bagayatkar a phenomenal mother and writer. outside of motherhood, Gayatri also writes about education with a focus on homeschooling, teaching techniques and life lessons.

Cuteness Overload

"She looked into my eyes with a sparkle
held my hand with a warm feather touch
hugged me at times tried clinging to my arm
With her cuteness overload she asked me
Aren't we going to be the best friends forever
In her sweet little voice.
And I lied to her with a big smile yes forever"

click the title to read Cuteness Overload in full, and get connected here:

it is truly a gift to be able to tell a story in a single image, and the stories these images tell speaks volumes. meet Ilse Douma – 22 year old autistic artist extraordinaire! after completing traditional schooling in Medieval English Lit, Ilse chose to follow her passion and pursue a career in art. she quickly realized the standard 9-5 didn’t appeal to her, and decided to work as a freelancer. now, she gets to work on her time and be her own boss while still enjoying quality time with her partner and their two cats in a small town in the Netherlands. in between her commissioned projects, Ilse is working hard to create a webstore that will allow her original artwork to be purchased and shared with people around the world.

to see more of Ilse’s commissioned work and stay up to date on the progress and launch of her webstore, get connected here:

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