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if you’ve been here since the launch, welcome back! for our newbies, this is the writer’s block.

the beauty of social media is that you have the ability to meet people from all walks of life, anywhere in the world. you ever come across someone’s profile and just get an overwheliming feeling of awesomeness? that was my first impression of Tenaya Anue: children’s television storyboard artist who has worked on DreamWorks hit series Boss Baby on Netflix and Where’s Waldo on Hulu; in addition to her weekly webcomic entitled “Something to Prove”. one of my favorite things about Tenaya is her love of fantasy, and how she incorporates it in her personal work. as someone who grew up with Harry Potter and the gang, my admiration for her was solidified when she disclosed her disappointment when she did not receive her Hogwarts acceptance letter in the mail- me too, Tenaya, me too! the way that she uses common fantasy tropes as a means to exploring what our fantasies mean

to us as a culture and as individuals is what makes all of her written and visual work so amazing! I tune in every week to see what her MC Sorceress turned baker is up to next! in between career and personal projects, Tenaya spends time with her boyfriend and two fiesty kitties, Ophelia and Queen Mab (yes, she’s a Shakespeare lover too), being the worst/best plant mom she can be!

see Tenaya’s weekly webcomic and get connected here:

the beauty of art is that each piece speaks to the individual differently; very rarely do two people interpret the exact same thing when looking at a piece of art. what I love most about this artist’s work is how it resembles oil paintings. I have always loved the way they seem to caress the canvas, so it was no surprise that I was eager to feature his work. meet Myron Ballard – 32 year old University of Virginia graduate, digital painter and fiction writer. his collection of short stories, ‘According to You People’, is a perfect example of how both his writing and digital artwork reveals the life-giving light of humanity. ‘with characters like Shoma: a princess seeking her stolen memories and Orek, a prince who challenges the dream devouring monster, the King of Worlds, Myron’s work reminds readers that hope and courage are the keys to realizing asportations while we journey through the land of the living.

to see more of Myron’s art and stay up to date with the progress of his upcoming series of digital art focused around the theme ‘out of the darkness’, get connected here:

passion is often the driving force behind an artist’s work, and that is exactly why I admire creative, Amber Webster. after putting herself through school and interning full time, she finally started her career as a social worker in august 2020. although it’s a tasking job at times, there is no one more suited for it. Amber has always dedicated her time to the well being of the children she crosses paths with, so it makes sense that she took that passion and put it into her creative work.

it all started as an expression of love for the children, friends and family closest to her – crafting one of a kind handmade memorabilia for any and all occasions.

now, her passion project has turned into a full fledged side hustle: websdesigns.

not only do customers have numerous woodworking options available to them, Amber also makes custom glassware, home decor and hand-stitched and printed apparel. little A was so excited for her unicorn birthday shirt made special by Auntie Namber ❤

too see more of Amber’s work and place your custom order, get connected here:

want your work considered for a feature? fill in the form below and let’s talk!

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