excerpt #3

I could feel my cheeks instantly start to burn, and I was never more thankful for my chocolate brown skin than I was in that moment; he couldn’t see how badly I was blushing at the thought. His girl. If this is what it was like, I quite liked the idea of that. Pushing the thoughts aside, I walked through the door he held open for me and led the way to the concession stand. One large kettle corn and two medium drinks later, we settled down into our seats just in time to catch the last preview before the theater lights dimmed and the movie began. An hour into the film, he sat the empty popcorn bucket on the floor and rested his elbow on the arm of the chair we shared. His skin narrowly brushed my own, even so, I quivered as every cell in my body was ignited.

                “Are you cold? You can borrow my jacket.”

                How was I supposed to explain that his touch left me tingling in places I never expected? That he had been on my mind nonstop since the day I had met him. I couldn’t, I knew I would sound completely obsessive and that would be the end of everything we had the potential to be. So, instead, I wrapped myself up in his army green jacket, laid my head on his shoulder and let myself enjoy the moment. As if he could read my mind, he laid his head atop mine and locked his fingers between my own; neither of us budging until the credits rolled and the theater shone with lights.

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