writer’s [block]

hey everyone, I missed you all so much and I’m so excited to share the work of this week’s creatives on writer’s block!

for some of us, we’ve always known we wanted to be writers. the words spoke to us at an early age and we knew it was our calling. and then there are those like Jon Tolentino, who stumble across the writer’s path and unlock a talent they never knew they had.

in his early years of community college, Jon was required to take an English class for GED purposes, and that is where he discovered his gift of writing. he never thought it would be something he’d take seriously, so much so that even when his professor told him how fantastic his writing was – he chose not to pursue it and instead focus on the studies necessary for his computer science degree .. until a few years ago when creativity sparked again.


he started out writing simply for fun; short stories here and there that focused on chilling occurrences in fantasy realms. today, Jon continues to write short stories for his readers in between the chapters of his ongoing webnovel: Blackwood.

to read his short stories and stay up to date on the newest installments of Blackwood (Bestial coming soon), get connected here:

as a writer, it is easy to find comfort in words – even when it seems like our pain is irreparable. the first time I read Vickey’s work in our poetry class, I was pulled by the depth of her emotion and her purpose. it was evident her words were a means of coping and it made her poetry that more relatable. even though our trials and hardships differ, it is easy to find solace in other’s pain – because it means we are not suffering alone. Vickey’s strength and courage is both admirable and infectious, seeping into every word she puts on paper. **although she has an undeniable gift for writing, one of her greatest talents is her impression of a goat noise! the only animal noise I can “successfully” mimic is a duck and I can barely do that


The discourse of a relationship
Leading to the remorse of matrimony

When staying together feels more 
Like a sad story

That you share with the world.
But behind closed doors lies the truth

A battered beaten belittled woman.
Made to feel as if she isn't good enough

For the love she sees before her
Being given to everyone else but her.

Now she must find herself, claim herself
So no one else

Takes her flame
Ever again

although Vickey isn’t sharing her work publicly at the moment, I am happy to announce that she’s decided to come on as a writer for eclectic. subscribe and stay up to date to see more of her featured work here!

what if everything you ever thought about a person was a warped version of the truth? sure, there may be some consistencies between reality and perception, but correcting the inconsistencies can shed an entirely new light on the collective point of view – that is exactly what Douglas Bass presents in this revelating tale- Ebenezer: The True Life Story of Ebenezer Scrooge.

born on Christmas Eve in Brooklyn, New York, it seems as though Doug was fated to write his novel, Ebenezer. after countless nights of research and writing-and the assistance of his amazing wife who not only supported and encouraged his work, but dedicated late nights filled with hot tea , listening ears and editorial advice- he was able to complete what he considers to be one of his greatest accomplishments. writing The Book, as it’s referred to in his family, in the latter years of his law career made Doug realize his loved ones deserved a better version of himself; it inevitably brought him closer to his true self and his purpose. after twenty years in a job that failed to fulfill his desire to righteously help and serve those around them, Doug left his job as a lawyer and pursued a teacher career in September 2020.

Doug wrote his first ‘book’- a collection of four very short stories- at the age of 6 in a marbled composition notebook.

in just a few short months, Doug will receive his Master’s in Secondary Education with a Social Studies focus, as well as dual certification in Special Education. even though , for the time being, Ebenezer is his only literary work, it is one that has brought an endless amount of clarity and joy to himself and those around him.

click here to buy Ebenezer and get connected using the icon below **don’t forget to say happy 14th birthday to Doug’s son!

want your work considered for a feature? fill in the form below and let’s talk!

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