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I can’t believe we’ve made it to week five! let’s dive in to this week’s writer’s block

when women step into motherhood, so many talents are ignited in us that we never knew we had…

in high school we sang together, and we thought that was her calling, but she found a new passion when she ascended into the role of “mama”- it has been such an honor watching her grow into this badass business owner.

with four collections stocked with a wide variety of prints and styles to choose from, krunchymamamade – owned and supplied by Arie Painter – is a one stop shop for everyday comfort wear. this San Antonio based stay at home mom of a tyrant, I mean toddler, stepped into her craft in 2020. through her business’s Instagram page and her growing presence on tiktok, Arie is able to connect with people from all around the world and showcase her work – as well as give her audience a little insight into the life of a SAH working mama.

to shop her collections and get connected, visit:

with the continued support of her wife, a Navy Vet, as well as family and friends near and far, krunchymamamade has transitioned from a side hustle to a full fledged small business.

The Goners tells the story of Kaywin, Dublin and Prudence who, against all odds, battle not only to leave their mark on the world, but to leave the world better than they found it. what starts off as an unlikely, yet undeniable, friendship turns into the strength they all need to overcome the obstacles ahead.

“if they succeed, against all odds, they can die in peace. if they fail — then we are all Goners”

people always say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but, I have to admit, that I am guilty of such when it comes to The Goners: Volume One by Kenyon P. Gagne. from the moment I came across his cover on a writer’s lift via Twitter, I was intrigued by the tale attached the beautiful artwork. what drew me in further, was a fun fact behind the book’s cover: after a little trial and error with the artist, Kenyon and his daughter teamed up to pose for the characters depicted on The Goners cover. as a parent, this touched me – solidifying The Goners as must read on my list!

even though his daughter has grown too big to help pose for the cover of Volume Two, coming soon in November, I am excited to see what Kenyon Gagne does with the cover and story in the next installment of his series!

to purchase The Goners and stay up to date with the release of Volume Two, get connected here:

Barnes & Noble | Amazon/Kindle | The Goners

creativity is so much more than art and writing and music, it comes from the heart and soul in so many forms – and I want to shed light on my little human’s creativity. almost 2 years ago, we were driving through the city and big A noticed the alarming toll homelessness is taking on individuals our area. he read their signs and even gave his lunch to the first person we came across who needed food. his first thought was to ask them to live with us, but once he understood why that wasn’t possible, he came up with a plan that would allow him to do everything he could for those around him.

every month we take a little bit of my earnings and buy non-perishable foods and other supplies (toothbrush, hand sanitizer, band aids, etc) to make bags that help supply our homeless with basic necessities. his face lights up every time he’s able to help someone in need and, for that, his mind and heart deserve to be showcased.

my little minions – big A and little A

most months we are able to supply about 15 bags to help fight homelessness in our city. if you are able to help in any way, big A accepts donations on his blog awesome autistics ! with your help, we hope to double our efforts and supply more individuals with nutritional and hygienic provisions.

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