hello my lovelies, welcome to week six of writer’s block!

‘writing is life, it’s the life of everyone who writes and, like life, all you can do when writing is go forward. page by page, word by word, day by day, letter by letter – you just move forward.’

I’ve come across so many creators who are multifaceted, and Spaghettie ManeFrame does not disappoint with this animated narration of his poem, poetree. attuned with a love for storytelling in all its forms, Spaghettie understands that it’s a multi-genre skill that can be applied to many mediums. he believes that writing is a combination of the right and left brain; that we must learn and experience different things in life, connect with the people and places around us, in order to create meaningful content. if you’re like me, someone who struggles to convert my words into other artistic forms of expression, than I know you’ll appreciate and enjoy Spaghettie’s animations. poetree may have been the first of Spaghettie’s animated work, but it certainly will not be the last.

fun fact: after a friend’s facebook account got deleted for using a nickname, Spaghettie ManFrame was born in retaliation and solidarity of his friend – now it’s his username across so many platforms. check out the links below to get connected!

to see more of his animations and follow him on his socials, get connected here:

despite the fact that he resides in Liverpool, England, Peter-Shaun Tyrell spends most of his time daydreaming about the fantasy world of Duria his story is set in 🏰

earlier this year, Peter-Shaun Tyrell celebrated the release of his debut novel, The Oath and Blood Price: Part One – I am so honored to feature this gripping tale of a young lad on the cusp of manhood. Resentment and betrayal are expected in the life of a lonely street urchin but, for Thalkin, that’s all he’s ever known. skilled with the art of a prying ear, the secrets he’s learned has always provided his means of survival. he finds himself faced with a life-changing choice when he meets the mysterious sellsword, Edelia, and learns a secret that could help win a war. will he give it to the Borasian States of Lord Procterates or Novu-Optu of the Godmen?


Lauren Mugford, artist, illustrator and script editor of The Legends of Kaihamour and other work(samples above), has one of the most creative minds I’ve ever come across. she’s one of the few people I know that can get burned out on one creative front and immediately turns to another- when she’s not drawing, she’s thinking of other stories to draw next! get connected at:

Giuseppe Femia is the head writer and social media manager for The Legends of Kaihamour, which is no surprise considering he’s a huge D&D enthusiast. in his down time, he keeps the creative juices flowing, creating character concepts for table top games and thinking up more stories – you can find him at:

it is no secret that all of our best work comes from the time and passion we put into our crafts – Project Kaihamour is proof of that. the masterminds behind this quirky adaptation of Dungeons and Dragons– Giuseppe Femia, Lauren Mugford and Saméël Ezra- have spent the last six years creating and perfecting the tale of a group of heroes, and Grog the bear, on their journey to become gods. while on their quest, they will partake in trials that will challenge them to face not only who they were, but who they are now becoming – some for the worst and some for the best- as they learn to take control of their own destiny and become legends within their own right.

Saméël Ezra is the brains behind the scenes: head of production, web developer, music composer and story advisor. when they’re not working on The Legends of Kaihamour, they are obsessing over pop culture, completing side projects and is the acting Dungeon Master for three D&D campaigns. to hear all the music for The Legends of Kaihamour and get connected, check out the links below!

to stay up to date with the newest installments of The Legends of Kaihamour, get connected at:


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