hello lovelies, welcome to week seven of writer’s block. over the next three weeks, we’ll be diving into the world of Quill and Crow Publishing House, a quaint and curious press celebrating all things macabre. founder Cassandra L Thompson realized how unjust the publishing world can be and made it her mission to be a beacon of all the things that world had failed to show her. over the last year, she’s encouraged writers across the world and given voices to those who didn’t even know they had one. the bonds that have been forged are irreplaceable, and everyone from the administrators to the contributing writers collectively do their part to make this world a little better… and darker

over our lifetime, we have the pleasure of coming across extraordinary people – gothic horror writer and part-time dark goddess, Cassandra L. Thompson is the epitome of such. it takes a special kind of woman to be a badass mother of little feral children- both human and canine- and run a publishing house while still maintaining some sort of sanity. Cassandra proves we can do any and everything we put our mind to, I can’t speak for anyone else, but I can say without a doubt that I admire the hell out of her. backed by an equally brilliant and talented team, Quill and Crow has uplifted the dark voices of writers from so many backgrounds and cultures.

Toll the death knell
The rapacious vixen has returned
Leaving bone dust in her wake
Come to take
What has always been hers
Low sighs, guttural cries, creamy thighs –
Honey, I own the skies
You can say your goodbyes
While I rise.

in her spare time, Cassandra likes to wander around cemeteries, do research in the library and take pictures of abandoned things; it seems inevitable that gothic poetry be her calling. she has her own collection of poetry, Rise of the Dark Goddess, has features in all of the Crow Calls Volumes, along with her debut novel, The Ancient Ones and it’s sequel Liminality. she is also featured in Anomalies & Curiosities: an Anthology of Gothic Medical Horror and Ravens and Roses: a Women’s Gothic Anthology.

Quill and Crow Publishing House

hour of the darkest and coldest
when the cycle of slumber completes
season of the darkest and coldest
is when the beast stirs
scent of fearful prey wafts foolishly through the air
for they think themselves predators
true predatory instinct catches their scent
often seen and thought of as prey
love and kindness mistaken for weakness
hesitance has only harbored
something ancient, something primal
deep within, hidden and bound
for when unrelenting injustice navigates deep enough
the beast within awakens
the fires of hell will not satisfy the necessity
to withstand strength of the world’s salted savagery
for the crushing weight of water smothers all things
and descendant of Oceanus am I
let the darkness come
let the cold embrace
let the fear stand up straight
for there is where I am titanic

as parents, we hope our kids grow up to be as good as us, if not better- and William’s son and daughter have certainly followed in his admittedly nerdy footsteps. serving as the assistant editor for Quill and Crow Publishing House where he also manages and writes for the literary magazine, The Crow’s Quill. outside of his contributions to Crow Calls Volume II and Volume III, he has also written The House of Blood and Gold and his dark poetry collection, Nameless Here for Evermore.

residing in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York is (possibly the world’s greatest) single father, Lucas Mann. if ‘jack of all trades’ was a person, it would be this man; in addition to being a full time parent, he is also a physical therapist, farmer and host of CrowCast, Quill and Crow‘s official podcast. his poetry has been featured in Crow Calls Volume II and he is a regular contributor to The Crow’s Quill.

not to mention, this man’s #thirstythursday on twitter will leave you quenched, okay!

Sauntering past
Sylphlike and glorious
Your radiance
Brighter than the sun
Dragging me out
From coveted darkness
Your light
Dangerous and terrifying
But I’ll stay if it means
I feel your warmth
Just offer the protection
Of your shadow

be sure to tune in next week for part two of the three part Quill and Crow feature!

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