starting today, I’m getting back into my daily affirmations. thanks to my mama and Sassy Jones I have this beautiful Confidence Stack, which I’ll be using for the rest of self love November ❤ on my best and worst days, these songs remind me of all the work I’ve done and the inspiration to keep going. there is no such thing as loving yourself too much

“As I accept myself for who I authentically am, my confidence improves daily”

click here to grab your stack of Sassy Jones Confidence cards for daily affirmations [there’s also an Anxiety Stack that has and still does get me through some of my toughest days]

“I;ve been losing friends and finding peace, but honestly that sounds like a fair trade”

Drake hit it on the motherfucking head with this one! once I recognized my value and cut ties with the people that were no good for me, I gained a new perspective on friendship. when it comes down to it, it’s quality over quantity every single time.

pretty much every Lizzo song makes me feel like a bad bitch. this woman has pioneered the modern day platform of self-love and is a huge part of the reason why I’ve grown to love my body as much as I do now. she embraces everything that she is and reminds everyone that beauty is defined by the individual.

my beautiful melanin sister gave us a WORD in this tribute to the self. it is 100% okay to be alone, it does not make you any less than anyone else. taking the time to love yourself gives you a clearer sight of what and who you invest yourself into when the time comes. don’t rush it, enjoy loving yourself. no one else will do it quite like you.

honestly, this song was an awakening for me. even though I had started my self-love journey, stronger was a testament to the progress I had made–and would continue to make. I allowed ‘man’ to control my narrative for so long, it has been such an amazing experience being in control of my story for a change.

miss Simone has a voice that sends the good kind of chills down my spine! this song is a celebration of life and a reminder that every day is a new day to make better than the one before. an opportunity to continue glowing and growing ❤

there is something poetic about loving yourself–we don’t need anyone else to make us happy. this song is a testament to the importance of loving yourself through your journey and opens with the most moving lyrics I’ve ever heard

“I’m okay alone, it makes my soul stir”

refuse, kevin garrett

read a playlist to my love life

comment below or send me a tweet with a song from your self love playlist!

2 responses to “self-love playlist”

  1. MsShona Avatar

    Such a great list – I love Lizzo!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. eclecticallylyn Avatar

      she is such a beautiful soul! it took a lot to not add more songs by her onto the playlist lol


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