dear parental units,

parenting is fucking hard! whether you’re doing it by yourself or have a village behind you, 99% of the time we are wholly and fully responsible for the well-being of little humans. it’s completely up to us to raise the ‘perfect’ little person. someone who contributes positively to society and spreads light and love as they go on their own journeys. let’s be honest:

it’s a lot.

most of us are juggling parenting with a thousand other things and it can overwhelming. exhausting. trivial and quite honestly, difficult. there’s only so much we can do and say to shape the lives we want for our little ones–and it’s 100% okay to want to take a break sometimes. if you have someone you trust with your child(ren), don’t be afraid to ask for a break. if someone you trust offers you one, don’t feel bad about taking it. at the end of the day, we give our best selves to our children when we ARE our best selves–like everything else, we deserve some time to reset and reassess. even if it’s just taking an uninterrupted shower and a (probably overdue) nap — treat yourself!


a parent enjoying a much needed night off ❤

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