“My life is about to be incredibly blissful, the great thing is that I AM in control of that”

get your own set of Confidence Stack & Anxiety Stack

1. date yourself

I’m telling yall, there is no happiness that compares to what you feel when you date yourself. take yourself to lunch or dinner. have a spa day. hell, if you’re a parent like me, go see a midday movie while your kiddos are in school. buy yourself a new outfit (or three) and just go do something for yourself, by yourself.

Photo by Guilherme Almeida on Pexels.com

3. did someone say photoshoot?

one of the quickest ways to get me in a ‘bad bitch’ mood is getting dolled up, drawing my eyebrows on, and having a mini photoshoot in any (all) rooms in my house. especially when the sun is shining through my windows, my skin just radiates and it makes me feel so beautiful. appreciate those little moments, when you see yourself the way other’s see you. before long, you’ll find your self perception shift in a positive manner.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

5. self care buddy

some things are just better with a friend! if you have someone who is reliable and who brings out the best in you, even on your worse days, partner up with them and go on your self care journey together. no one says you have to be on the same exact step on your paths, as long as you both are moving towards a common goal, that’s all that matters. whether you wanna get your yoga on like Issa and Molly or have a weekly phone call with your BFF across the country, find what works best for you and take care of yourself ❤

Photo by Ogo on Pexels.com

2. affirmations!

whether it’s religious, spiritual or emotional – find a healthy source of affirmation. there are so many apps that send daily affirmations for a variety of beliefs and lifestyles. coming from someone who did not always have someone to lift me up and/or keep me lifted- I wish I had discovered these apps sooner. for Christmas and my birthday, my mom gifted me the Confidence Stack and Anxiety Stack by Sassy Jones to help with my trauma recovery journey and my ongoing battle with depression.

Photo by Jennifer Enujiugha on Pexels.com

4. talk it out

things really started to turn around for me when I got the courage to talk about my feelings and the trauma that caused them. it started with the bigger things: working through my brother’s death, admitting I suffered from depression and choosing a recovery plan that worked for me. honestly, this blog has been so healing for me. I’ve connected with people who recognize my pain and passed on their wisdom. I’ve been able to type out the things I was unable to say out loud. I have laughed and cried and raged and everything in between to the point that relaying my emotions in real life doesn’t bear as much weight as it did before.

what are some ways you’re building and maintaining your self confidence and self love? leave your self care hacks in the comments below or let’s get connected on social platforms. if you ever feel like you need an unbiased, listening ear, don’t be afraid to message me on whatsapp!

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