writer’s [block]

it’s been far too long, how I’ve missed you so! it has been the longest four months and I have missed this part of my week so much-remind me never to take a full course load again-but now I’m back and ready to kick off the new year. as we step into 2022, let’s not forget about the amazing creatives we discovered in 2021!

peter-shaun tyrell

first featured in week six

the kind of talent it takes to publish two books in one year is something I hope to attain in the future. but, for now, I am so proud of the work one of my favorite humans and gifted author has put in over the last year.

following the events in volume one, tyrell’s protagonist, Thalkin, finds himself facing a new bevy of challenges that teeter a thin line between life and death. as he leaves behind a bloody past, he must do everything he can to avoid the bloody future that awaits.

tenaya anue

first featured in week three

from one creative to another, tenaya anue never fails to impress me. whether she’s working on bigger projects for dreamworks or working on her weekly webcomic something to prove – she is always producing artistic gold.

every week I fall more and more in love with her webseries- something to provewhich follows sorceress turned baker Fiona. filled with a burning desire to make a name for herself, by herself, Fiona will face challenges and hard truths as she works to set a new foundation for the life she wants to build.

ilse douma

first featured in week two

I could gush about this woman all day long, as our friendship expands outside of creative spaces – we recently added one another on pokemon go. a beautiful soul inside and out, ilse puts all her creative energy into some of the most visually provoking artwork I’ve come across on twitter

every one of her artistic subjects takes on a sensual softness that draws viewers in, each portrait telling a different story. ilse is hands down at the top of my list for artists when I’m ready to illustrate my short stories.

I want to go
On an adventure
With you.
Pack as many essentials
As we can fit in our boot.
And you pick the place –
Somewhere special
To you.
Some place full of memory.
Somewhere meaningful.
I want to
Listen to you
Speak your truth.
In ways beyond words
But in feelings, too.
Beyond what this world
Expects of you.
Want to know who
You are, when it’s
Just us two.

spaghettie maneframe

first featured in week six

I said it back in august and I’ll say it again, I wish I had the artistic capacity to be able to write and animate my work. multifaceted artist Spaghettie ManeFrame has been hard at work in the four months since he was last showcased-there is something undeniably beautiful about the simplicity of his art.

his newest animations tugged at my heart strings, as he pays homage to pluto, our discredited but never forgotten [and my favorite] baby planet. he also published able gal, the story of dreamer Abigail who struggles to find a balance between reality and the fantasy worlds that await when she closes her eyes each night.

douglas a. bass

first featured in week four

one of the most dear friends I’ve made throughout this journey is this gentlemen, Mr. Bass. over the last year, he has worked hard to reach his goal and I’m excited to announce he’ll be honing young minds and hearts as he begins his journey as a teacher in spring 22.

even though he doesn’t see another book the near future, now all you readers on the go can download the audiobook of the story my friend holds near and dear to his heart **accompanied by a snazzy new cover

jane daisy kizza

first featured in week one

there are so many creatives that touch my heart for a multitude of reasons, but none stir me quite like this talented poet. every word in her poems exudes transparency and honesty. there is nothing shameful in between her lines. through every single part of her journey, she owns who she is and shares it with her readers.

her latest poem, a great many things, paints a vivid picture of how it feels to fall in love. in the moments where your significant other confides in you and shares the deepest parts of themselves. it is in those moments that love is truly defined. her poetry takes readers to places some have only imagined, let her take your heart and soul along on her journey.

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