Issa Rae is undoubtedly one of the most successful and beautiful black queens entertainment has to offer. watching her grow and glow from awkward black girl to insecure has been a journey all its own. as her HBO hit series comes to a close and she starts a new chapter, it’s only necessary that we pay homage to the best style moments over the course of the series.

casual as f**k

miss Issa’s t-shirt game was A-fucking-1 throughout the series. she singlehandedly made casual the new chic as she made statement after statement with her fashion choices. whether she was spending a chill day out with the girls or a night in with her boo, Issa served us LEWKS donned in simplicity and culture.

hella patterns

as someone who loves clashing patterns and bright colors, I fell in love with all of Issa’s more colorful fashion choices in the show. paisley, plaid, polka, and stripes; she was always dressed to the GAWDS. paired with minimalist jewelry and fierce confidence – it is impossible not to be inspired to completely and shamelessly, you.


a smile is a style all its own and Issa served us many happy looks over the course of the series. season one Issa had no idea who she was or what she wanted but, as she grew, so did her happiness. working on the set of insecure had such a huge impact on Issa, and that joy was reflected in her performances. look at that glow, look at that growth.

kinky flex

simply put: Issa Rae is hair goals

I’ve done the big chop three times in my life and I wish Issa had been around to give me hairspiration. she embraced her kinks with tender love and care and taught us all that even the teeniest, weeniest afros are poppin.

buttons and collars, okay?!

leave it to Issa to turn a simple oversized blazer and button-up into a fashion must-have for any and all occasions. whether she’s dressing up biker shorts and a brassiere or adding a splash of flair to an already bomb ass outfit, Issa slays

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