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welcome to week nine of writer’s block! the last installment, excluding the 2021 recap, was an introduction to all things Quill & Crow. if you missed week seven, click the link to learn about the publication and the team behind it all, as well as read some of their most chilling poetry. today, we will showcase more of their grisly poetry and the artist’s behind the words.

Sharpen my quill upon your whetting stones
Bestow on me the wisdom of thy snakes
Oh, celestial grace
Beneath the light of my mother’s night
Bathe me in the ink of thy serpent’s tongues
And bid my enemies succumb or run
Moon in full bloom
Promise me their doom
May they agonize in webs of lies
Like flies consumed by their own crimes
May their hubris die there
For your blessings, my goddess
I will offer you my blood drum
And all its gravity
Sickeningly sweet depravity I hide
Glance upon the alter I’ve designed
And find
How many portions of my heart await
The inscription of thy name

wife and mother of two spirited children, A.L. Garcia sets the bar high for weeping poetess’ everywhere. serving as the PR/marketing liaison and a constant contributor the Crow Calls Volumes–. A.L. in addition to her poetry collections, Broken Things and Broken Heart Mosaics, she is also featured in Ravens & Roses: A Women’s Gothic Anthology.

Damon Barret Roe, the pen-named author and newly appointed editor of Quill & Crow magazine The Crow’s Quill, allows her love for all things horrific and fantastic to shine through in her poetry and writing. this 30-something year old psych major turned fantasy and horror writer aims to build immersive worlds and spread heebie-jeebies through her knack for story-telling. with her Latin-American background, a beautiful multicultural upbringing, and her queer orientation, Damon will challenge the mythical norms of equality and oppression with a side dish of all things fanciful and dreadful.

Carrion hounds and
Horrors carried on whispers,
A distant braying on a swirling wind;
Omens you’ll leave unheeded,
Such is your arrogance.
I rally my canid vultures,
Named for the chaos within;
Collisions between my virtue and your sin.
And they’ll taunt you, in the beginning,
Rending, tearing without their fill,
Not until the thrill abates
And I finally give them
The long-awaited, fatal command;

I’ve dragged myself
Across shattered glass
And tore out
My bleeding heart
Sold my tattered soul
Time and again
So the world
May see my art
I cut my veins
To make it whole
Spilling my life
Just to be seen
Gave away
My laugh, my love
And my personality
Your ache, your need
For poetry
Calls to my need to fill it
Devour me whole
That is my goal
For I live the life
Of a poet

budding poet and indie fantasy author, J.S. Larmore has been making her mark in the literary world for the magical and grim genre-lovers since 2019. as she steps into her new marketing role at Quill & Crow, it’s amazing to look at everything she’s accomplished over the last two years. she released her fantasy trilogy The Wielders, her poetry collection A Theatre Strange, and joined the Quill & Crow team of poets with her first inclusion in Crow Calls: Volume Three, as well as Quill & Crow’s newest anthology, Grimm & Dread. her love of gothic poetry stems directly from her interest in dark themes and exploiting allusions to this harsh world brings her solace from the woes of adulthood.

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