writer’s [block]

welcome to week ten of the writer’s block! today, we’ll be celebrating three phenomenal women, their journeys, and their accomplishments. if versatile were a group of women, it would be the ladies featured today.

philadelphia based entrepreneur Jia ‘miss ikonic’ McMillan-Shipley is a badass jack of all trades. her online shop, kulturally appropriate, celebrates everything magical about being black and proud. miss ikonic also dabbles in the entertainment industry as a songwriter and entertainment blogger via the ikon. with small businesses on the rise, it’s never too late to show some love and support to those working hard to do what they love.

shop kulturally appropriate

tenaya anue

with her Father’s words, ‘work for yourself’, at the forefront of her mind, Emel Saat has lived everyday by those words to make him proud. screenwriter, indie filmmaker, film editor and director – she truly does it all. inspired by the first two-story tiny home on wheels she built with her family, Saat runs the Tiny Homes NYC youtube channel, which follows the valiant efforts of her father, her brother, and her own work to combat the carbon footprint left by large homes. in 2020, she released Broken, a powerfully eye-opening documentary on homelessness in New York City. Saat also runs Bored Blog and releases weekly chapters of her soon-to-be hard copy book, To Be A Straw Hat on her website. the most beautiful thing about her is, no matter what she’s doing, what ties it all together is creativity and a desire to push past the boundaries of everything she already knows.

miss ikonic

back for a third time on the block is one of my favorite women on twitter- tenaya anue.

week three | week eight

honestly, I don’t know if I’ll ever get tired of showing off how incredibly talented this woman is. her weekly webcomic, something to prove, has become a staple to my Wednesday afternoons and she continues to produce new material in between that I fall in love with. while everyone was busy doing blogtober, anue dedicated the month writing a 31-day series of illustrated short stories. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what she does next!

emel saat
the future is in tiny homes!

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