happy 2022!

less than a month into the new year and things are already looking up.

2021 taught me so much! I learned a lot about the value of time spent with loved ones and the importance of letting people know when they’re on your mind. there’s never a wrong time to tell someone what they mean to you – this year will be a year of intention with my feelings and my words. I quit a job that made me unhappy and committed to my writing and school full time. the shift in income was an adjustment but I’m making it work. I have more time to spend with my beautiful little family and dedicate myself wholly towards achieving my goals. I learned that sometimes it’s better to let people go than force something that just isn’t there anymore. I had to realize that some people are only meant to occupy seasons in your life. as the seasons of the self change, some things and people need to stay right where they are. I did not need and do not want any extra baggage – I have enough all my own!

in 2022, I’m claiming nothing but elevation and success. I have something to prove, not only to myself but to anyone who ever doubted me. I’m going to show my little humans the importance of following dreams and passions – I’m building an empire for them, and all the talented creators in this world. my dream is for everyone, my platform is for the voices that need to be heard. this year will be one of elevation, and I’m feeling really good about the people that are along for the ride on my journey.

whatever your plans are for 2022, be intentional.

I know there will be a few bumps along the road, but if I made through 2008 and 2021, I can make it through anything. I am eternally grateful to friends near, far, virtual and in between. you all have been such a light in my darkest moments and I love cherish you.

I can’t wait to see everything we’ll do this year!

lesson of the day: if it’s not elevating you, let it go. be the person you are meant to be and watch as you attract the people who will encourage and support your dreams.

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