happy february everyone! I hope the first month of the year has been treating you right, I can honestly say I’m excited for everything this next month has in store! my platforms are built are one thing: inclusivity – and that extends into my advertisements as well. one thing I’ve learned during my first year as a blogger is that there are so many forms of creativity, and they all deserved to be honored. with that in mind, my advertisements are for all creatives and entrepreneurs; we all deserve a place under the spotlight. without further adieu, here are my february advertisers!

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How far will one man go to uncover the truth?

David Anderson has finally secured a position at a prestigious investment firm, where he spends the first year and a half being blissfully ignorant to the dark secrets hidden within its walls. When gold member clients start dying at an alarming rate, David suspects someone in the company is killing them for profit. The deeper he digs into the companies affairs, the higher the stakes – and David will have to decide how far is too far to discover the truth.

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Located in the heart of Baltimore near John Hopkins Hospital and the Inner Harbor, this little piece of heaven is everything you need for a comfortable, safe getaway.

After a year of quarantining and social distancing, it’s been nice to be out and about again. As we continue to navigate the ins and outs of enjoying our lives safely, there is no better way to make new memories safely than booking with Airbnb!

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In this chilling tale that nudges towards Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Dr. Zachary Gage races against the clock to save a John Doe, penned Frank, from a trauma-induced coma. When his aggressively persistent efforts fail and Frank dies, Zach realizes that the months he dedicated to Frank has destroyed the relationship with his wife – leaving him teetering the line of sanity. When, neuroscientist Dr. Maria Gage performs her own set of inhumane experiments on the man who almost destroyed her husband, she gives Frank new life- but at what cost?

Authors L.F. Earl and S.L. Earl have dedicated their passion to bringing chilling tales to suspense readers around the world. With a clear vision in mind, they are excited to take the next step and transition into the entertainment industry. Navigating any new venture can be tricky, especially book to film adaptation; the most important thing is to find someone who honors your vision the same way you do.

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