am I the only one?

millions of people tuned in last night for the fifty-sixth SuperBowl but, let’s be honest, a lot of us tuned in solely for the halftime show and the commercials. even though there had been some talk of what we’d see during this iconic matchup [last night’s game celebrated the two youngest coaches in the league],


anyone who frequents my blog knows that lowercase writing is my thing, so when I put something in caps, it’s important ASF! when I was younger, I loved the jurassic park movies, and was so excited when they rebooted it with the jurassic world series a few years back. now that most of the world has seen it, I can say that I literally SCREAMED when I saw that alongside Jeff Goldblum – who made an appearance in the second Jurassic World film- Sam Neill and Laura Dern will also be returning for what I expect will be the final movie of the saga. it has been a fucking phenomenal run and, I don’t know about y’all, but ya girl will be center row and center (the front row of a movie theater really isn’t that great) on June 10th with the entire family.

if this was the only commercial I saw last night, I would have been content

little sloth, big heat

anyone who knows me knows I LOVE sloths, it’s probably my top used emoji. so when my man’s crawled out into the field and snatched up those flamin hot cold ranch doritos I was smitten. the rest of the commercial was cool and all, but I’m just here to fan girl about the sloth.

“take it. take it. I’ll take it. wait, I’m broke?”

greenlight showed out with the help of Ty Burrell to hightlight the importance of smart spending

groovy nostalgia, baby

GM served up a hot dish of early 2000s nostalgia in their ad that reunited of the austin powers cast. everything about it was perfection and still so true to character despite the years between the last movie and last night’s game.

jones. jones. jones. jonas?

legendary jones’ across the entertainment industry joined forces for toyota tundra’s commercial for SuperBowl night, but was anyone expecting little jonas to make an appearance because I can tell you I was SHOOK when he pulled up in the line up. tommy lee jones is an OG and I loved every second of the banter between him, rashida, leslie and nick!

ewan mcgregor | expedia

I know I’m about to sound biased because I have loved ewan mcgregor since I was 11 (I used to pretend I was Nicole Kidman and he was singing to me every time I watched it), but he really made me sit back and think about all the material things I spend my money on when I could making memories with my beautiful little family. granted, a large part of the reason I didn’t travel much before was because I wanted to make sure 3 would remember the places I took her. the girl has got a memory like an elephant though, so I think I’m to take bae’s advice and make some memories; I don’t want to regret anything.

anthony is back on law & order

with black-ish currently on it’s final season, I was feeling a sort of way about some of my favorite stars leave television. so when my man walked out look fine as MF wine in that suit for the new season of law & order, I legit screamed. it’s been 12 years since he left the show and it’s going to be so great having him back!

I know I’m not the only one who did NOT recognize renee zellwegger underneath that make up

I will definitely be tuning into the thing about pam

reunited and it feels so good

T-Mobile Internet gave us all the reunion we didn’t know we needed bringing back television besties Zach Braff and Donald Faison! when Braff walked out of his home singing, I was like ‘aww I miss seeing his face’ and then Faison walked out of the house next door and I almost threw my entire plate of food with excitement. I grew up on scrubs, it was my grey’s anatomy before I felt like being toyed with emotionally every Thursday night. this was hands down in the top five of my favorite commercials of the night, and maybe a hint towards a reboot? who knows…

thousands people around the world found the silent protesting of racism during football games problematic, & I genuinely hope they loved the statements in big bold letters in the endzones and on the back of helmets during last night’s game

rocket mortage/ homes

while I think we all loved seeing anna kendrick make an appearance in this years lineup of SuperBowl commercials, I’m most excited for the way so many gender norms were broken and challenged throughout the entirety of the its screentime! seeing little boys playing with dolls and little girls playing with He-Man and Skeletor. as a mom, I do my best to never limit my little humans to what’s ‘appropriate’ for them based on societal beliefs. if it makes them happy and they’re not harming anyone, I encourage them to go for it. big thanks to rocket mortgage for being a part of the movement.

that bitch carole baskin

I finally caved and watched tiger king on Netflix a few months ago, so I was beyond the freaking moon when I saw that my girl kate mckinnon would playing the role of carole baskin in peacock’s new adaptive series. I don’t know about y’all, but I’ll be turning my peacock free trial into a premium subscription because I know this show is going to be all kinds of amazing.


Mary J. Blidge teamed up with Hologic to advocate for women’s health. I am notorious for only getting a pap smear & other major check ups when I’m pregnant (so I’ve only had two in my thirty years of life) but the more I see younger women experiencing major and minor health problems the more I realize I need to get serious about this sorta stuff.

Google Pixel 6

lemme tell yall how much I love everything about this commercial & commend Google for fighting colorism in their own way with this advertisement. as a dark-skinned black woman, I spend a lot of time searching for good light to capture my favorite moments. I genuinely wish more phone companies would take the initiative to develop devices that considered ALL complexions when designing new models. kudos to you Google, I might have to make a switch.

the cable guy

verizon could not have presented a better commercial this year for the newest model of their home internet modem. as a proud fios customer, I can vouch for the top tier speeds and great prices (when I remember to pay my bill on time). not gonna lie, I’m a little jealous of how the new modem looks, mine is like the size of a mini space heat. *ahem* ‘hey verizon, I think my modem just broke. oh, you’ll be replacing it with a newer model? fantastic!’

netflix is dropping straight FIRE this year

netflix gave us a sneak peek at movies to expect on the platform over the next ten months and I just have to say I giddy with anticipation for so many of the films in the line up – especially the sequels! netflix announced knives out 2, the adam project, me time, enola holmes 2 and you people.

Idris Elba saying bleep during the bleep was honestly the highlight of the ad last night

zeus & hera or selma & arnold?

no matter how you refer to them when referencing the BMW commercial, they were an electrifying duo in last night’s lineup of advertisements – literally. the god of thunder and his wife ditch life in the skies for a quaint life among the people, but zeus wasn’t quite prepared for the transition – but in swoops hera and the fully electric BMW to the rescue. have the two of them ever done a movie together? if not, arnold and selma, what are you waiting for?

“I’ve never seen any of your movies”-Rudd

“Not even the ones we did together?” – Rogen

Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen were hilarious in the Lay’s superbowl commercial. & if no one else has said, I’m gonna say it – seth looked like a whole sugar daddy rockin that salt and pepper

& that’s all folks

or is it?

comment below with some of your favorite commercials from the game last night!

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