dear depression diary,

it’s been far too long, I’ve missed you!

the last couple of months have been full of so many blessings! honestly, I need 2022 to keep its shit together and continue doing everything it is doing. there’s so much I’ve wanted to share but knew it was best to wait until things were solidified before speaking on it; now that everything is official – it’s time to share some big news!

my little family is blossoming into something beautiful and I’m here for all of it! every single day my unit grows stronger, my babies are happier and they know that they have two people who will always put them first and do everything with the best intentions. it’s also been such a journey learning more about my SO and growing closer to him everyday. every relationship has its moments where loyalty and strength are tested, but I am so happy to know that even in the tough moments we are able to come together and continue progressing.

after going back and forth about the situation, I decided to take a semester off from school before going into my final year. last semester took its toll emotionally and mentally so it is clear I need to decompress, reassess and finish my degree with a bang!

over the last couple of weeks we’ve been renovating our home and making it our own. all of our years watching bob the builder has paid off! we mounted televisions, paneled our kitchen wall, upgraded our appliances, built new beds for the little humans, and are wrapping up our final projects before this part of our renovations are complete. honestly, if you want to test the strength of your relationship, do manual labor together – it will tell you everything you need to know.

& now for the biggest news of all:

I am officially someone’s social media manager/virtual assistant. I’ll be creating content, writing blog posts, doing promotional work, and maintaining a website and honestly, it’s a dream come true! for the first time in a long time I am doing something meant FOR ME and with a livable wage – I was even offered $5/hr more than I asked for! what makes this next part of my journey so amazing is that I am working for someone whose values and morals and just all around vibe match mine perfectly! from the moment we connected there was instant chemistry and I can’t wait to see the amazing things we do going forward.

so many elements of life are aligning for me, I hope these first 60 days of 2022 have been as great for you, and remember that we still so much time in this year to manifest the best things into your lives!

lesson of the day: celebrate all your wins, you deserve them! & remember that your words have power, speak everything you desire into existence and be a reflection of the people and opportunities you want to attract into your life

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