a look back at 2022

to say that 2022 was full and fulfilling is an understatement! I learned a lot about myself, worked hard to become a better version of the one that stepped into last year, and watched things happen around me in ways I could only ever imagine. each month brought its own ups and downs, but there are definitely highlights that made this year one to remember and makes me welcome 2023 with open arms.

  • February

    I got hired for my first big graphic design/ social media management job with my partner Jeni! Working with someone whose views and vibes align with your own is a blessing and I am grateful to be ending the year calling her friend and making plans for the coming year. Shortly after, I was approached to do logo and social media promotional packages for six other small businesses!

  • April

    We took a vacation back home to South Carolina to celebrate big A’s and little a’s birthdays! The family time was much needed and the only thing that would’ve made it better would have been my SO being there (I sometimes forget how spoiled I am to be able to work from anywhere).

    I also got to meet my nephew in person for the first time! Thank God for FaceTime, he knew who I was and gave me all the loving!

  • Sonic and Miles Morales themed birthday party

  • May

    I launched a very short-lived shop that featured products from my sister site The Kulture Kink and immediately realized I don’t want to do anything but write.

    I started writing poetry for my upcoming collection which will be published in June 2023.

    The world went into a storm of chaos as women lost the most basic autonomic rights and racially driven terrorist attacks peaked across the country. The emotional and mental toll caused me to leave social media until after Christmas.

  • June

    My SO and I found out we were expecting and the day after had a miscarriage scare. Being so high risk made us keep the pregnancy a secret, and honestly it was so nice — there’s so much peace in a private pregnancy. we really got to enjoy the smallest and biggest moments intimately, it was magical.

  • big A and little a

  • September

    Our little bundle of joy tried to surprise us at 15 weeks.

    Big A started his last year of elementary school (who told him to grow up, y’all)

  • October

    Peanut broke my water at 23 weeks, 1 day!

    I started my second to last semester of school for my Associate’s degree.

  • our third [and last] little terror, Mr. Sweetface

  • November

    My little man made his way into the world a few days into the month, and despite his young age, he came out breathing on his own and blessing us with the sweetest cry.

  • December

    My family came up for the holidays and my grandmother and sister got to meet our newest addition.

    We lost two very special members of our family, they were the epitome of love everlasting, so much so that they left this world one day apart from each other.

    My SO met the rest of my family and it was one of the best holidays to date. Having so many people show up for us was heartwarming.

    Just days before the new year, my baby reached one of his biggest milestones and was able to wear clothes and be held and snuggled by his family.

  • Christmas Day 2022

Needless to say, this year was full of trials and overcoming some of my toughest obstacles. I wouldn’t change a single thing that happened this year (except for my transmission going out on me), and I’m walking into 2023 excited for everything it has in store for me.

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