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entry #17

dear depression diary, this entry is long overdue. admittedly, I think I’ve started three or four ‘entry #17′ and never finished or posted a single one. this summer was a difficult one, filled with so many setbacks and heartbreaks that it was hard to talk about. shit, I’m still coping from my losses and haven’t…

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entry #16

dear depression diary, it’s been a while, but today is already the worst I’ve had in a while .. for starters, little A woke up with a stomach virus. she’s always so bubbly and full of life so to not have the house filled with her voice is just bringing my mood down. I’m glad…

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entry #15

dear depression diary, the last few weeks have been both satisfying and heartbreaking (stay tuned for the three-part hiatus post coming soon!), and I can’t lie – I was starting to get really off track with school. I was ready to withdraw from my classes and try again next semester because the pressure to make…

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entry #14

dear depression diary, I’ve been on a such a high the last few days. the blog is doing so well! this week, we broke two records and I am completely giddy. I finally reached 100 followers and even got my first email subscribe. for those of you following the blog, thank you so much for…

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