short stories


Anala laid still in her bed, with her hand placed lightly on her stomach as she listened to the hustle and bustle of the city below her. A smile broke out on her face as she felt a light kick just above her bellybutton. “Good morning, little one”, she said as she caressed the area […]

funny, little things.

I’m going to shower before I get in there with you and start getting comfy, he says as he rolls back in the desk chair and stands up. okay, I’m going to finish writing while you’re in there. wanna know something funny? she asks as he grabs his towel and reaches for the doorknob. if […]

800 miles

February 10, 2008 had suddenly become a day she would hate for the rest of her life. How could he be gone, she thought, staring at the mess of trophies, papers and books strewn across her bedroom floor. Tears hot with anger and regret streaked her face as she thought about the moments that had […]

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