self-love is the most basic thing we can give to ourselves, but for most of us, it is one of the hardest things to do. we put so much energy into family, relationships/friendships, work, etc, that we forget to show ourselves grace and a little bit of SLC (self-love and care)! it’s okay to be a little selfish, and when you take care of yourself first you’re left with the very BEST version of yourself to give.

making room for me in 2023

what a year it has been! 2022 was full of laughter, love, loss, new life, great memories, and reminders that life is short and every day should be cherished as if it’s the last.…

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self love languages

love languages have been connected to intimate bonds and relationships for so long that we often forget we are capable of taking care of ourselves in the same way others can. sure, it’s nice…

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my 5 self-care hacks

“My life is about to be incredibly blissful, the great thing is that I AM in control of that” get your own set of Confidence Stack & Anxiety Stack 1. date yourself I’m telling…

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a self love letter to the parents

dear parental units, parenting is fucking hard! whether you’re doing it by yourself or have a village behind you, 99% of the time we are wholly and fully responsible for the well-being of little…

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self-love playlist

starting today, I’m getting back into my daily affirmations. thanks to my mama and Sassy Jones I have this beautiful Confidence Stack, which I’ll be using for the rest of self love November <3…

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