her, she shone with a light that radiated the darkest night my favorite moment was the night we met she shook my breasts, and not my hand; how could I forget

when I would wear my flower crown headbands around her she would tell me ‘you look like a snapchat filter’ her laugh was infectious, as was her smile so it was impossible to tell that all the while

she suffered from a sadness no one could have known in silence, she fought her fight alone

so when she left us, it broke my heart

even though it hurt to see her go I find happiness because I know there’s another guardian in the sky she was always meant to fly


shots fired

it’s us against us

childhood friends turned foes and the fueding begins

gone are the bonds we spent half our lives building

we’ve grown up and apart, nothing is the same

shots fired

over girls, over money, over friends who aren’t friends

rumors spread and the fake news becomes a disease

blocking all sense and sensibility, everything has changed

shots fired

one more dead

and a community dying