through the eyes

through the eyes 
     where the magic lies
bringing to life
     all the beautiful sights 
from vibrant hues
      to the dullest blues
the eyes behold
      as our lives unfold

through the eyes
      where the magic lies
all the memories 
      of you and me 



the silky floral-patterned cloth you rip off of me

                then you let your fingers linger

 like the smell of your cologne

                fresh out of the shower

down on me like the rain during spring

                when the flowers blossom

into this person that comes alive

                whenever I’m with you


see me

cocoa brown all a

round like the curves

the twist and turns of my coils

that you chastise and deem unfit

for the workplace

but really, any place that you are in

see me

standing tall and proud

in a crowd that thinks they know

what I’m about and what

I stand for

see me

putting love into a world

that has loved me

in the most toxic ways

without ever

seeing me

no time taken to

see me

hear me

feel me

you say my fears and my tears

are unwarranted

malicious intent is no stranger

to the smooth talker with

the underlying message

meant to condescend


your talk is cheap

we both know if the opportunity


you would not feel the same

stay in your own lane

this shit ain’t for the weak

and honestly,

you could never be me

black woman in america.