through the eyes

through the eyes 
     where the magic lies
bringing to life
     all the beautiful sights 
from vibrant hues
      to the dullest blues
the eyes behold
      as our lives unfold

through the eyes
      where the magic lies
all the memories 
      of you and me 

b r o n x

the hustle and bustle of the city fascinates me as my feet pound the pavement of the Bronx City sidewalks

spicy aromas waft into my nostrils as I pass a bodega on my right, and my mouth water from the thought of the made to order chopped cheese I’d had the day before

remembering how the cheese, mayo, onions and ground beef melt into each other between the soft hoagie roll slows down my steps for a split second; but I keep moving

playful exchanges between lovers and friends as they watch the children play fill the air with a beautiful loudness; for the first time in my life, I welcome the noise

Big Pun walks alongside me donned in suit and tie on the brick wall of Rogers Place, and I’, taken by this city bursting with sound and color

scattered amongst the murals, local artists have exalted the walls of apartment buildings and gas stations with creations from the depths of their imaginations

as I approach the door of the art museum, I take one last look around. then I close my eyes and take in all the sounds and smells before opening the door and stepping inside

with so much beauty outside these doors, I could not wait to see what beauty resides behind them


restless is the heart, so lonesome, it aches

with a longing so intense it’s hard to bear

piece by piece, until it finally breaks

and I wonder, if you knew, would you care?



restless are the endless nights that I lay

staring at the empty space where you slept

wishing for the warmth of your embrace

and the safe feeling I got as I dreamt



restless is the mind that wonders each night

how you’re doing and what you’ve been up to

my phone vibrates and I’m hoping it might

be you, missing me, the way I miss you



just as my eyes adjust, I read your name

my heart confirmed, because you feel the same



the silky floral-patterned cloth you rip off of me

                then you let your fingers linger

 like the smell of your cologne

                fresh out of the shower

down on me like the rain during spring

                when the flowers blossom

into this person that comes alive

                whenever I’m with you


see me

cocoa brown all a

round like the curves

the twist and turns of my coils

that you chastise and deem unfit

for the workplace

but really, any place that you are in

see me

standing tall and proud

in a crowd that thinks they know

what I’m about and what

I stand for

see me

putting love into a world

that has loved me

in the most toxic ways

without ever

seeing me

no time taken to

see me

hear me

feel me

you say my fears and my tears

are unwarranted

malicious intent is no stranger

to the smooth talker with

the underlying message

meant to condescend


your talk is cheap

we both know if the opportunity


you would not feel the same

stay in your own lane

this shit ain’t for the weak

and honestly,

you could never be me

black woman in america.

rest, assured.

your love language may be acts of service, but you are a man of words
how is it that I forgot to love you the way I love to be loved?
the way that you love me

you know deceit and betrayal as well as I do
maybe even on a deeper level 
I should have cared better for your heart, my apologies

there should have been no room for doubt
you are the greatest love I've ever known
let me remind you why

your hugs are still the safest I've felt with anyone
and that is how I will always feel 
and when you kiss me 

lips. cheek. nose. forehead. even from across the room
in those moments, I am still consumed with happiness 
so much so that even if they were the last I had with you

I would still be happy to have had them at all. 

these reasons, these feelings .. they happened as they should
we happened, just as we should
you were worth the wait. 

everything that you are
and have the potential to be
you are the best friend I never knew I needed

there should have been no room for doubt
you are the greatest love I've ever known
I will never let you forget the reasons why

sister, sister

your eyes change with the seasons

the ever-changing seasons of you

winter blues that mimic the sky when the snow falls

green like the flower’s stem that spring up from their roots, anew

soft grays like the storms that seem to disrupt all the seasons

these beautiful seasons of you

hazel with the golden flecks that burn like the fiery embers of the summer sun

warm brown like the trunks of trees that harbor the colorful leaves

the ever-changing leaves that change with the seasons

each season anew, just like the seasons of

y o u.

letter to a & a.

little humans who I love, so dear
I’d do anything to have you near
my heart breaks when I go away
if I could, with you, I’d always stay

little humans, who drive me totally insane
I would never change you, I love you just this way
you challenge, teach me, make me better
you are amazing apart, but spectacular together

little humans, with minds that run free and wild
please keep that free spirit, I beg you child
keep creating and inventing things anew
I will always be here rooting for you

little humans, who make me yell and scream
I know in those moments it may seem
that I am mean,
and loud and unruly, it’s true
but it’s because I only want what is best for you

little humans, your potential should know no bounds
so I will help you break those barriers down
you are unique, you are special, you are one of kind
thank heavens I get to call you, mine.

she reigns supreme.

strength, courage and love embodied

she doesn’t know it, but I want to be just like her

she did her best, and raised us right, even when we made it hard

went back to school and holds a degree she can use to change the world

sometimes she needs reminding just how much she’s capable of

that she’s a creator, a maker of so many beautiful things

including us

her daughters. her life. her legacies.

aside from the little humans, she’s the one I want to make proud

she is my best friend

even though she told me all my life I am not one of your little friends

I call her for anything, everything and nothing

I’m admittedly a nuisance, but she still answers the call

her love is tough and hard, but it is always with my best interests at heart

when I tell her I’m grown and act like I have it all figured out

she’s there when I realize I still have so much to learn


I should listen to her more than I do

and until she reads this, she’ll never know how much her words stay with me

when I’m in peril or distress I think back to her advice, her wisdom, her love

she is with me, even when she thinks she’s not

even when she thinks I haven’t heard a word she’s said

Pinocchio had Jiminy Cricket

and I have



admiration like that of the first rays of sun as they shine over the horizon

tiger stripes and cellulite cover the parts I long to hide

yet your love is unwavering

no layers of makeup or a hot mom bod

a wardrobe of mostly sweatpants and baggy tees

yet eyes are set on me as if I were a flower in bloom

the catepillar

wriggling her way out of the caccoon

of self-doubt and self-hate and self-blame

all the damning traits I allowed myself to fall victim to

still you stay

waiting and patient

pushing me to think better, to be better

to speak positivity into my life

and to see myself as you do

wild and fierce and beautifully molded

into the person I am meant to be

and still becoming

photo cred: IG @slowclapking (CAS)