the silky floral-patterned cloth you rip off of me

                then you let your fingers linger

 like the smell of your cologne

                fresh out of the shower

down on me like the rain during spring

                when the flowers blossom

into this person that comes alive

                whenever I’m with you

the discovery.

whirlwind passion that knocked me off my feet

just to fall into the colorful floral garden that is your mind

your emotions as intricate as a maze

I didn’t mind getting lost in, as long as I got to know every piece of you

the walls around your heart are as high as the tsunami before it breaks

but even as the water rushes over me, all I feel is love

how is it possible for you to be the storm and the calm that follows?

and there’s so much more to you

guiding my way through the depths until I reach your blue ocean floor

you are beautifully disastrous

you are disastrously beautiful

photocred: my 2 year old daughter [ADG]