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hey lovies, I’m lyn- single mother and freelance writer. initially, I created this blog as a portfolio for my original written works, but over time it has become more than I could have ever imagined. this is a blog for everyone: the writers, the parents, the mental health advocates, the social activists, and everything in between.

I’m so lucky to have you on this journey with me!

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something I journaled, but felt was worth sharing … the vision is always clearest when the dust settles. and you realize you were more harsh than you needed to be… because no one has ever defended you the way you defend yourself. and you realize that just because there never was, doesn’t mean there never…

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hiatus pt.1

hey everyone, first and foremost, I want to say thank you to everyone who stuck around over the last month while I did some much needed mental healing and soul searching. I can’t wait to tell you all about my time away and am so happy to see so many of you are still here…

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ironically enough, someone just asked this question the day before: if you’re in the shower for half an hour, what are you actually doing in there? are you okay?” to which I responded: if I’m in the shower for that long, I’m probably asking myself the same question: am I okay? and if I’m not,…

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