the poetry.

through the eyes

through the eyes where the magic lies bringing to life all the beautiful sights from vibrant hues to the dullest blues the eyes behold as our lives unfold through the eyes where the magic lies all the memories of you and me

b r o n x

the hustle and bustle of the city fascinates me as my feet pound the pavement of the Bronx City sidewalks spicy aromas waft into my nostrils as I pass a bodega on my right, and my mouth water from the thought of the made to order chopped cheese I’d had the day before remembering how … Continue reading “b r o n x”


restless is the heart, so lonesome, it aches with a longing so intense it’s hard to bear piece by piece, until it finally breaks and I wonder, if you knew, would you care? * * restless are the endless nights that I lay staring at the empty space where you slept wishing for the warmth … Continue reading “restless.”


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