the poetry.

a few of my favorite things

these are my favorite nights when we sit side by side and just write these are my favorite moments when we brainstorm and bounce around ideas you are my favorite person with your beautifully brilliant mind and kind heart blowing kisses from across the room while you sit at your desk and I sit at […]


close. to the point where I could reach out and touch you and you’re there, but you’re not here silence. I’ve accepted it, because it is too loud to ignore it deafens my emotions until I’m numb love. I know that I feel it and that you do too but maybe it’s not enough you […]


i refuse to let it in this feeling, these thoughts of never seeing you again it might actually kill me my whole life you’ve been there with kind words and endless love one of the few who really cared what will this world be without you? I am scared, absolutely terrified that the sadness will […]


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