The Stars That Bind Us

excerpt #3

I could feel my cheeks instantly start to burn, and I was never more thankful for my chocolate brown skin than I was in that moment; he couldn’t see how badly I was blushing at the thought. His girl. If this is what it was like, I quite liked the idea of that. Pushing the […]

excerpt #2

His fingers traced my spine, gentle and slow, as he continued to whisper lyrics in my ear. His breath, warm on my skin, stirred something inside me, I felt my body grow hot and I couldn’t think of anything or anyone I wanted in that moment more than him. He made a line of kisses […]

excerpt #1

Locked in his gaze, his brown eyes drew me in deeper; so deep that I didn’t realize what was happening until I felt his hand gently cup my face as his body leaned in to meet mine and our lips met. He kissed me tenderly, his thumb caressing the outline of my cheekbone; and I […]

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